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The last few weeks I made a few mockups for some baby apparel. But when I was cutting the fabric I was wondering if I could create a pattern of my own.

When I searched on the internet I found the website Skillshare (with this link you get two months free!). There I found the classes of Elisabeth Owlen. She is a pattern designer and she teaches in her class how you can create a seamless pattern of your own.

I followed the class Pattern Design I: Creating Inspiring Repeats


After sketching it was time to digitize the sketch. That took some time. Drawing every shape again in illustrator. But after a lot of trying and learning I had some shapes that I wanted to add together.


I chose some colors that I liked an started to fill in my square. I had to move the shapes around to find the perfect fit. It was a bit of a struggle sometimes but after a few hours I was satisfied.


To check if the pattern was right I copied everything and placed it against each other. In the class I learned how to make the pattern ready for using. And below you can see the result of the hero pattern.


After the hero pattern it was time to make some other designs to blend the whole collection together. I looked at my hero pattern and picked a few shapes that I liked to make my other prints.

First the secondary prints. Still with a few colors, but with fewer shapes.


After the secondary prints it was time to make the blender prints.


It was really nice to learn the skills to make a pattern collection. I think that I will make a lot more pattern collections in the future. Use my link to get two months free on Skillshare!

How can you make a pattern design? | How to create a seamless pattern design? |

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