New beginnings

I have to admit, I’m a little bit addicted to my house plants these days, especially when I discovered #urbanjungle bloggers on Instagram.

This evening during dinner I realized that I had two houseplants before the start of the new year, and now just a few months later I’m the proud plant owner of at least 25 pieces, and that’s not even counting all the Pilea baby’s and propagation plants.

I guess the urbanjungle vibe took over my heart and home. All the green in our home cheers me up. Every morning I smile when I see the plants in our bedroom.

When I walk through our living room I count all the new leafs of the Pilea babies. And yes, sometimes a few times a day! I know, I know…

I love the new beginnings of our houseplants. Outside the sun is shining and inside the little Pilea babies are popping up next to the mother plant.

See also: How to propagate the Pilea.

Look how tiny they are! And all the siblings are growing up in their own pots too, in the shadow of there mother.

I started the propagation of our Monstera Deliciosa and is this how the plant makes new leafs after cutting for propagation? I’m really amazed.

My Polkadot Begonia, has also a new leaf growing. Look how beautiful!

Are you up for a lot more urbanjungle inspiration? Visit the urbanjunglebloggers website and Instagram. Maybe you will have 25 plants in your home instead of two next week 🙂

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